Win prizes with your app

All we are glad to win and that our dedication and our victory will be paid a prize. Already from small us esmerábamos by remove the best note in the cole or by be the best doing sport, and now continue looking for that recognition while every time is somewhat rather difficult that recognize our merits. A good way to achieve that recognition is with applications, awards, applications that offer us gifts of every kind for using them; and that they also exist for mobile. One of the bests: Gums Up.

Win prizes with your mobile

These websites or applications are each and every one a very similar operation: the user is high and must complete a series of actions to begin to earn points and move them for prizes, ranging from hotel nights or gift cards and money via Paypal or, in some cases after winning a lot of points , t-shirts of your favorite football team. However, the minimum for the lower prize tend to be exaggerated in the majority of cases. Hence, the best application of awards is Gums Up.

Win prizes with Gums Up

Gums Up is an application that you can download fully free for Android and iOS, you soon begin to achieve the fabulous prizes that we see now. Already before we explain that here the points are called gums, and to begin to achieve them must be to register once you’ve downloaded the application. The registry is not going to take more than 2 minutes, and once you have confirmed the account by your e mail you can start earning gums. As you’ll see, it’s very simple and Gums Up is very intuitive.

As for gums it is sufficient to go to win gums, where we will open a menu with all and each one of the options we have. One of the most interesting is to use other applications, among which there are multiple games. Choose the one you like, complies with the requirements which are designated and the gums will be yours. Another form of win gums is watching videos, participating in surveys and also if you invite to a friend. The friendship not has cost, more them five hundred gums that you supposed to each friend to which invites are practically half award.

Gums Up Awards

When you have enough single gums you must go to the gifts section and select the prize that you like. You can get Paypal money, but also applications and games for your mobile phone or tablet, music, movies, books… Gums Up also gives Google Play Store, gems to the Clash of Clans, for Amazon, Xbox Live, Steam, Filmotech gift cards, iTunes, the app Store… And it better is that going to receive the award at the time. Of this form of simple is winning awards with Gums Up.

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