Visit Barcelona, one of the most important cities around the world

The sun shines almost every day in Barcelona. There are only a few days and rain in the city and this is reflected in tourism and in the style of life of the Catalans. Barcelona is the perfect city for sunny days: beaches, wide streets and woodland, a hundred activities and sights in the open air restaurants and bars with tables on the sidewalks, miles and more miles of bike paths and, of course, many parks. Every neighborhood of the city has its own park (in some cases, more than one) and many gardens. There, you can escape a bit of heat in his visit to Barcelona during the summer months, knowing a little more about the history of the city, watching shows and exhibitions, make picnics, play sports or simply watch life go by sitting in the shade of a tree.

The main city park is the Parc de la Ciutadella, a park of more than 30 Acres built in the second half of the 19th century. If you are interesed to contract a guided tour in Barcelona you can check the Tours 10 website and you will find what you expect.

Located in the Old Town, the park is home to castles, greenhouses and cascades of modernist, created by big names such as Antoni Gaudí and domènech montaner, for the Universal Exhibition of 1888. Today, the majority of these buildings house permanent exhibitions or turned into museums. Don’t miss to visit the waterfall, a beautiful fountain surrounded by ornamental gardens designed by architect Catalan Josep Fontseré with the help of a still young Antoni Gaudí.

The building, which depicts the Birth of Venus, is surrounded by sculptures of Catalan artists of the late 19th century. The two sides of the source, there are stairs that lead to the top of the Monument and from where one has a privileged view of the park. The Parc de la Ciutadella still houses the Zoo of Barcelona, the Museum of Geology and the Parliament of Catalonia. A little further away from the center and tourists, is the Parc del Laberint d’Horta (Park of the Maze), one of the jewels of Barcelona. The park is an incredible maze green, surrounded by a garden and neoclassical sculptures mythological. The space, which was once a private property, began to be built in the 17th century and, only in 1967, became the heritage of the city of Barcelona. Here, the biggest attraction is the maze of 750 meters of cypress trees trimmed that leads to a sculpture of Eros, the God of Love.

The neoclassical gardens and buildings that served as a palace and a ballroom of the former owners also worth a visit. Also outside the center of Barcelona, is the Park Güell, one of the most celebrated of the architect Catalan Antoni Gaudí. Spread over an area of 37 hectares, the park offers amazing views of Barcelona and the unmistakable style of Gaudi.

Now officially a public park, the Park Güell was an idea of a businessman Eusebi Güell who , in 1900, commissioned Gaudí to build a condominium homes. The project not approved and only two houses were built in 14 years. In 1926, the city of Barcelona became the owner of the site that today is one of the most popular tourist sites of the city. Make the most of your tour in Barcelona, walking unhurriedly by stone structures and the colorful mosaics of the architect and finish the tour visiting the Museum, located in the house occupied by Familia during construction of the park.

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