Some tricks for Gta San Andreas

Weapons in the kitchen: to get the Ak-47, Tec-9, cropped and molotov cocktails,go Johnson House after completing 100 tags in Los Santos
50% extra health: to get it complete paramedic mission 12.


Fire proof: to enable it complete the 12 of the fire fighter mission.


THE Pimping mission: to start it, enter at broadway and press R3. The prostitutesto their destinations for consegur takes a lot of money, after about ten times youpay them instead of your them.


Nitro Taxi: To get that game taxis carry nitro, you will have to travel 50 in the Mission of the taxi. Once you have done so you can jump with the R3 and press L1 to use the nitro


Video game at the home of Johnson: when you enter the House of Johnson, you’ll see a TV on your right, in front of console, approach and will allow you to play.


Rewards: Costume doctor: 100% with Katie Zhan Traje pimp: 100% with Denise Robinson Traje racing: 100% with Michelle costume police: 100% with Barbara keepthe weapon after being damaged: located on Barbara keep the weapon after being worn: is Katie.


Secret vehicles: interjection BF: is first in courses it dirty (Dirt ring race) at the stadium in Las Venturas SArribaer GT: get all the bronzes in the Dune Buggy driving licence: beat the score of 25 at the Dirt race. Hotknife: Get all the gold medals in themeat Jet Pack: complete the air asignamiento of Las Venturas NRG 500: get all thegold medals in the motorcycle school. You will find it near the House of Johnson Rustler: all bronzes at the flight school. Freeway: All bronzes in motorcycle school. Hotring racer: first becomes 8


-Track. Monster Truck: Win the competition of 8-Track Tournament. Stunt plane: get all the silver medals in the meat of pilot


Play basketball: go to the left of the House of Sweet, to the neighborhood you’ll find a basketball court, catches the ball and you can play according to instructions


Get firearms easily: go from your House in Los Santos to the aqueduct, low by the, and turned to the right, to find you a nice Mini SMG. You‘ll also find a nice gun in the backyard of Swet. Easily get armor: go behind the House and in the aqueduct on the left. Download, and then go to the left. Near the bridge, you‘ll find a good armor.


Easy money by cleaning the streets: each time you kill a dealer will receive $2000.Normally, you will recognize them because they wear black jackets, and still expectthat people talk to them. Kills many and thus earn easy money.


Secret weapons: to achieve a unique weapon, go to the Police Department in Los Santos. Enters the building and go to the room of showers. You’ll find a sex toy that can be used as a melee weapon – body.


Quick defense: while play, receive attacks from other factions. To save time, and finish fast, get a vehicle and press R3 to extra missions. Enter it and then salt of thevehicle, your gang will be not already being attacked.


Armoured cars: during the mission «High Stakes, Low Rider», narrowly wins. Whenit is finished the other cars will be behind you. With another car or walk push Ceasar red car to a safe place, preferably near your House. So you get an armored carwhich will help you a lot in the game.


Shielded tank: at the military base in the desert, there is a gate that can be broken with a car. It enters the base destroying the weak fence and sees the angar where will find a Panzer tank that you can store in the airport near your property. You can download san andreas apk here.

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