Pay apps with no cost

Applications have invaded our lives, and we have an application almost up to go to the bathroom. There are applications to plan our vacation, to assist us to study, to go out to run, to know how the match of our team when we can not see, to find out the time… and, no, for play. However, not always and in all circumstances are without cost. Enough people Gets the drop when he learns that the application you wanted is payment, and refuse to pay for it. If you identify with these people, we will explain the solution to your problem. Yes, Gums Up.

Get free payment applications

Secure that in the network hallas tricks of all gender to get you those applications. Among the more recommended are the jailbreak of the iOS either the root of the mobile and tablets Android; options that would not advise ever because you are exposed to damage the device and in addition to this you do not have warranty. Another alternative are applications that give us a no-cost payment application every day. However does not ensure you that you go to touch an application that truly accurate. The third option are Awards applications, and hence into Gums Up action.

Winning applications for payment without cost with Gums Up

You can lower Gums Up from the application Store and the Google Play Store, and exactly the cards prepaid of these 2 platforms are your ticket to achieve applications of payment without cost. But not only: with Gums Up you can also take money from Paypal, valid to make payments on the two platforms; and even you can download payment applications completely free of charge from the own Gums Up. The only thing you need to take all these awards, either somebody who offers us Gums Up, is to win gums, the points which we will then change for gifts.

app iphone paid free

At the moment in which you’ve downloaded Gums Up only must register and begin to achieve gums. You can do it watching videos or participating in surveys, more what difference to Gums Up of the rest of applications related is that can win gums using other applications. It is sufficient to comply with the requirements which designates the description and the gums that stakes are going to be yours. In addition, Gums Up sends you reward at the time, not like in other applications where you have to reach a minimum either leave to spend a few hours.

Download .apk apps

Another method we have to achieve no-cost payment applications, although it will not be you if you have an iPhone, is the .apk files – the format used by Android – download to your computer and copy them to mobile or to your tablet with USB cable, just as you would a picture. Then you’ll need an application to manage those files on the device, but you’ve downloaded you the application free of charge. As you can see, is a bit complicated with what Gums Up is presented as the most simple and secure application of payment without cost.

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