Monster Legends, the final trick

If a game has gotten more than 40 million downloads between the App Store and the Play Store you for something. This figure that gives vertigo did her Monster Legends, a game that perfectly combines the two pillars that are needed to ensure the success: first, it is free; Second, it is very interesting. The objective is simple, create the best combat gear. For that you will need the best monsters, tame them so they get new powers and abilities and you can always join your friends in the computer wars. This is possible thanks to Gums Up.

Hack Monster Legends

In these wars, you’ll face the other players of Monster Legends from around the world. Before you can challenge to others players to start to get the rewards that offers Monster Legends, what you will allow improve to your monsters. Remember place to each monster in a habitat in which is feel well, since thus is will develop better and will be more powerful. If it were, you can merge your monsters, allowing you to have more a critaturas than practically anyone else will and that will be more powerful.

Combinations Monster Legends

But to make all this possible, you will soon need resources such as food, gold and gems. They are an indispensable part to raise the monster, much or more and develop it into a habitat in which to feel comfortable so you will have to manage these resources. We said before that the game was free, but you can buy the Monster Legends store resources to facilitate your work of breeder of monsters. And if you want to save to pay for purchases always can resort to Gums Up, your life and that of your team.

Shopping free at Monster Legends

Gums Up is a free app that, like Monster Legends, you can download free from the App Store or the Play Store. The goal is simple, get all the gums as you can. To do this you will have to watch videos, participate in surveys, or, best of all, download and test the applications proposed by Gums Up. If you’re going to win gums will appear a menu with all the options, so you only have to select an action and fill it. Next to it you’ll see the instructions and the number of gums that you carry.

In case outside little, Gums Up also rewards you with gums by invite your friends so take advantage and invites the rest of your teammates in the wars of equipment to strengthen your monsters and be the most feared Monster Legends team. When you have enough gums look gifts, and there you will see all the rewards that Gums Up offers. Which they can use to buy Monster Legends resources include money from PayPal or cards gift App Store and Google Play. Choose your reward and continue raising monsters.

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