Free gems on Clash of Clans

Clans clash or also called CoC is one of the most popular and fun games that you can find at the moment, this is based on the comments of many «gamer», which qualifies this how addictive game.
If you‘re one of those who still do not know this game designed for play on any smartphone, and call it a clan of clan or clan of clash, we‘ll explain a little… In this game you basically create a village which you should protect it with defensive buildings. You also have the option of creating your own army with obligations improve and train every day to be able to attack other villages created by other users. Check this link and you will find more information about how to get pay pal money.
If you don’t know the game and want to download it on your Android device here have the Google Play link to download the game: download for Android if don’t have it and you have a device that is IOSbased Apple here have the AppStore link: download for IOS. But perhaps what I like most and is the most interesting of the game is that you can join other users and create clans. But for this you need to get gems, gold and Elixir, as you can imagine this costs a bit.
Many users with the desire to go faster in the game, look for a small trick or HACK which help to increase the marker at will, do not… cool?. If you‘ve already played this game and you are looking for are gems free for Clans Clash, I will tell you that you can find on the internet pages that offer programs similar to the images here below, that image is inspired by others that I‘ve seen on other blogs, also there are other even that directly online give you gems. But I have to give you bad news, this type of hack don’t work.
This game like so many that there is need to connect to a server where data from our village, as you can imagine there is very difficult to change anything. It is true that in some games they are in «local» and that they need not be connected to the internet can be, but this is not the case.

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