CSGO Game most played

One very positive thing of Steam is that it allows a large number of statistics relating to their games, such as knowing the number of units activated in user accounts,and the number of players that are playing the game in real time. All these statistics, along with many others, are available on the page SteamSpy, which has unveiledtoday a very interesting statistic.


Steam has been among us since 2004, when they were just an additional installation to manage Valve games more comfortably. It was gradually gaining strength, and today is the reference in video games for the PC platform. Their most successfulgame currently is Dota 2, which is the most played on Steam and that more usershave, due in part to that is Free-to-Play.


On the other hand, counter-strike Global Offensive was launched in August 2012, and despite initially slow since the game was not quite polished, was gaining strength from 2013 thanks to first tournaments involving the game instead of the classic1.6. Between that, and the skins of weapons, the game has reached a popularity that has earned him to become the best-selling title in the history of Steam, and probably the PC today.


With a total of 25 million units, Global Counter-Strike Offensive exceeds minecraftas the topselling game of which you have statistics, staying at 24.5 million units, the latter also is not bad. From little more than six months ago, CS costs 14 euros, while previously it cost 11 euros, and came to cost little more than 3 euros in the various offers which makes Steam quarterly.


It is difficult to know the sales of other classic games that were also very played inhis time, such as Quake, counter-strike 1.6, or World of Warcraft. We do have clear what since there is data, and since Steam is with us, CS is arguably the best-selling game, helped in the fact that every time there are more players on PC.


Counter-strike Global Offensive has been evolving since it was released, and littleby little the game prepares for a renovation that sooner or later will end up coming: the update of the game engine Source 2, after the sounds of all the weapons you are changing, and will go slowly renewing best known as Inferno and Nuke maps. Soon, according to the latest rumors, it will be the turn to Dust and Dust 2. You can check on this site all counter strike global offensive cheats codes.


This makes the game much future, since for the 14 euros it costs you make sure having one of the shooters more versatile, direct, and with a system of competitive game that allows you to improve in linear and progressive way of the entire market.

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