Tips for Clash of Clans

The war has begun! Go to the battlefield and leads to your own people to the top. Compete against users from all parts of the world and prepare your best strategy to defend against the attacks enemies. Clans clash is a strategy game where, unlike other titles in the genre, not everything revolves around the structure of your people, since the combat system plays a fundamental role. At the beginning of the mobile game, which is available for iPhone and iPad, you’ll be in charge of a small town, however, with perseverance and strategic skill may make this piece of land in a majestic settlement. If you want to check the latest hacks for clash of clans visit Gums Up.

But there are other factors that should keep in mind, as your city starts to grow, you will begin to arouse the envy of other users and pass to be in the spotlight. Because of this, it is important to be attentive and prepared before any your village against surprise attack. There are ten different types of units available that you can defend your land from attacks enemies, among which you can find pumps, towers, walls, traps, guns, among others. It will depend on the strategy and the number of units that you will use to protect your piece of land.

The free-to-play game for iOS has amazing graphics and a design based on colorful cartoons which give it a fresh and fun touch. Powerful magicians, wild warriors and fearsome dragons are some of the characters that will come to life before your eyes in the battles of Clash of Clans, where each player will fight for a common goal: become the domain of the whole world. But not all users of the game will be looking to attack you, and some will even be willing to join forces and form powerful clans that will be of great help to confront the most dangerous enemies. The Clash of Clans strategy game can be downloaded free of charge, however, it is necessary to have an internet connection to play.

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